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Advise on how to find and buy your dream yacht or selling your own yacht,

we can help you through this complicated transaction. Getting the best deals in both processes.

Buy a Yacht

- Which maintenance can you expect on the boat which you are aiming to buy?

- In which condition is the boat under the surface?

- How frequently was the boat in maintenance in the years before?

- What are the expecting costst for the coming year?

These are all frequent asked questions when you are aiming to buy a second hand yacht. Bluenote can help you thru this process and provide you a rapport about the ins and outs before buying. This is including of the service taking the yacht on dock for further inspection.

Selling your Yacht

We are taking care of all necessary action to be able to get the highest price for your yacht. That means:

- Taking care of a well presentation of the yacht, pictures, technical discription ect

- Using our network to inform potential buyers

- Having our office in the heart of the Marine of Yalikavak, we are able to inform potentional buyers 7 days a week and directly guide them for a visit of the yacht

- Taking care of advertisment on our website, television screen on the front office, social media and sahibinden.com

- Getting the best price out of the negotiation, as we are not emontional bonded, we are able to get a higher price then when you do the negotiation on your own.


Get a rapport

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Taking the Yacht on Dock 

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